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Pair-a-Dice Cafe / Terms, Conditions & FAQ

Welcome to Pair a Dice Cafe, Oshiwara. These are some terms, FAQs, and rules that apply the minute you avail any (food or game) service at our cafe. We change our policy from time to time, so please make sure you check this page, whenever you walk-in. These terms apply automatically when you avail our services, which means that you don't need to sign any form of agreement, the minute you walk-in and order ANYTHING, these terms will be auto applied and will continue to apply on any visits you make to our cafe. The terms are pretty easy to understand and are listed below.

We hope you have a great time in our cafe.

Is Gambling allowed in this cafe?

No, we strictly disallow gambling. We believe that board games bring people together, and we've created this cafe for you to get acquainted with games that are beyond and outside your mobile device. We love a friendly competition among friends, but strictly, no gambling.

How old do I have to be?

Our games range from games that are meant for kids and adults. However we prefer that kids under 10 years of age are accompanied with at least 1 adult, for supervision purposes.

Do you organise parties or let the place out for a limited guest event?

Yes we do. But a reservation must be done prior and this can be done by placing a call on +91 7506179705

Rights to admission reserved

The owners reserve the right to admit any guest inside the premises

Do you allow smoking in your premises?

Cafe Pair a Dice caters to both young and old people, hence remains to be a tobacco-free zone. We don't allow smoking in and around the premises for this reason.

Can we bring in food & beverage from elsewhere?

No you cannot. Ordering from any food service provider is also not allowed. We have an amazing kitchen inside, you can order from there instead.

Right to terminate services

The management holds the right to terminate any service without prior intimation / notice.